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St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church

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 religious education


 Program Overview:

Grades 1 – 6: Every Day Jesus Education (EDJE)
Grades 7 – 8: Cross Over 2 Jesus


St. Joseph’s EDJE program is for students in grades 1 – 6. Each session is comprised of three parts, Sunday 9:00 am Mass, Class and BLAST. Grades 1-3 meet one Sunday and grades
4 – 6 meet alternative Sundays. The Session meets from 9:00 am – 11:30 am, beginning with Mass at 9:00. On the alternate weeks students attend the Mass of their choice and online work is emailed home.

Mass: Students attend a teaching Mass with their class where they are taught our Catholic Faith with emphasis on the Eucharist. The homilies are child-centered and interactive.

Class: Each class is formatted to continue discussion about the Mass and teach Catholic Doctrine according to the Guidelines put forth by the Diocese of Bridgeport.

BLAST: Bible Learning And Story Telling. Each session ends with an assembly where all the children are presented with a Bible Story, beginning with Creation. BLAST is a fun, interactive and contemporary way to teach Bible Stories and includes media, music and games.

Online Work: On the weekend that the students do not attend a class session, they may attend the Mass of their choice and the students are required to complete online work which is emailed home or available on the website.

Cross Over 2 Jesus:

Cross Over 2 Jesus is the 7th and 8th Grade religious education program. Students attend class sessions on alternative Sundays from 5:00 pm – 7:30pm, beginning with Mass at 5:00.  Students attend the Mass of their choice and complete online work on the weekends when they do not have class.

Each session begins with a Teaching Mass (5:00) pm on Sunday, followed by a Bible Presentation in the Church. The presentations focus on middle school issues such as peer pressure, gossip, bullying, self-image, etc. Each topic is tied in with a Bible Story from the Old Testament. The session then continues in the classroom where these topics are discussed from a Christian perspective. Class and online work teach Catholic Doctrine according to the Guidelines of the Diocese of Bridgeport.




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